All Your Project Logs in the Cloud

RISKS.IO gives project managers complete visibility to improve their project delivery and prevent slippage.

Centrally manage your projects

Easy and secure access anywhere to your project logs

Cloud based Project Management Access your project logs anywhere & anytime

Projects are executed in the office, out of the office, on the client site and from team members homes. Your teams can access the project logs from where ever they are.

Unlimited Projects Create as many projects as you require

Unlimited projects with easy to use dashboards. You can add risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies, tasks, files, notes, and assign roles to projects.

RAID Logs Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies

Replace the traditional Excel spreadsheet RAID Log with an online version that is accessible to the entire team at all times from any device, tracking every single change made.

RACI Matrix Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed

Assign roles to the project team members. Team members can easily see the roles assigned to them in their dashboard. You can create custom roles as required.

Audit Logs Every change tracked and logged

Know exactly who, when and what was changed. When a user makes an addition or update the change is documented and added to the audit log for future review.

Military Grade Encryption Data security is a top priority

The site is secured using SSL certificates to encrypt your data while in transit. The stored data is encrypted using a unique decipher key for each account.