By Project Managers for Project Managers


RISKS.IO helps project managers to communicate with the project stakeholders in a central collaborative environment. Based around PMBoK RISKS.IO allows project managers to be better at their job by providing a framework to maintain projects logs that the entire project team can access, update and maintain. The notifications keep team members up-to-date and engaged in the most crucial aspect of project execution. RISKS.IO is a programme of work, with continual new features be added.

RISKS.IO was built from the frustration of using Excel to manage project logs. Excel is flexible, though is a poor project management tool as it requires very strict procedures in-place to prevent data-loss. Excel does not contain an adequate audit trial, has very poor version control, allow only one person at a time to access and make changes, and does not have work-flows built-in. Each time you start a project the templates have to be recreated.


RISKS.IO mission is to become essential to PMPs across the globe. To be the most robust project management logging/tracking tool for project managers by providing easy to use logs centralised in the cloud. RISKS.IO is focused on project delivery. RISKS.IO aims to be an essential project management tool setting the standard for project record keeping.


Project record keeping is done using static/isolated tools, such as Excel, that creates barriers to project communication and collaboration. Using manual logs leads to data lost, poor record keeping, team members being unaware of changes, and the requirement of strict record keeping processes which quickly fail due to being overly complicated.


RISKS.IO believes that web technologies can be used to remove the barriers of communication set by using inappropriate software for project logs. RISKS.IO is building project management logs based on PMBoK, yet accessible to all, for central maintenance of project logs. RISKS.IO is looking to make the software as flexible as Excel yet robust as Salesforce.


RISKS.IO is to become enterprise grade project management software available to all levels of project managers. RISKS.IO is currently hosted and will explore options for distributing the software in packaged solutions for private hosting on private clouds. While following PMBoK those without PMP certification will find the software friendly and easy-to-use/

Dale Hurley

Dale Hurley is the founder of RISKS.IO, CTO of CreditorWatch and MBA graduate from Deakin University. Dale previously was a management consultant for IBM and Accenture. Dale runs multiple projects for CreditorWatch. Dale studied project management at university and was trained in the IBM project management methodologies. Dale is passionate about project management and the efficiencies of the project management office.